Cherry Pit Fuel



Consider cherry pits when you consider alternatives for your pellet burning stove.

Cherry Pits vs Corn and Pellets

  • Dried cherry pits: 9500 BTU's/pound
  • Dried shelled corn: 8100 BTU's/pound
  • Dried wood pellets: 8000 BTU's/pound
*Energy value data obtained from Dr. Thomas B. Reed with The Biomass Energy Foundation and BIOBIB - A Database for biofuels.


We are offering scrubbed, dried, and moisture tested cherry pits for sale.


Fuel Pits
 40 lb Bags     $4.00   
 1000 lb Totes  $90.00  Pallets are available for $5.00
 Unpackaged Bulk Quantities  $125 a ton  available only for 5 tons or more

Terms: cash or personal check, F.O.B.
We are convinced that you will find it to be clean and of premium quality.


Craft Pits
Selling in large priority mail boxes approx. 12 lbs. $27.00 ea. includes shipping.
We only ship within the USA.
We ship twice a week.
Send Check, Money Order, paid to:

  Christy Veliquette           
  13392 Winters Road        
  Kewadin, MI 49648        
or PayPal:
12 lbs of Craft Pits

Cherry pits are a source of renewable energy and an ideal alternative for pellet stoves as well as for crafts.


Christy Veliquette
5 Miles from Elk Rapids
Kewadin, MI 49648
Cell 231-883-5419