Cherry Pit Fuel



Cherry Pit Fuel - Premium quality cherry pits for pellet stoves and crafts

Consider cherry pits when you consider alternatives for your pellet burning stove.

Cherry Pits vs Corn and Pellets

  • Dried cherry pits: 9500 BTU's/pound
  • Dried shelled corn: 8100 BTU's/pound
  • Dried wood pellets: 8000 BTU's/pound
*Energy value data obtained from Dr. Thomas B. Reed with The Biomass Energy Foundation and BIOBIB - A Database for biofuels.


We are offering scrubbed, dried, and moisture tested cherry pits for sale.


Fuel Pits
 40 lb Bags     $10.00   
 50 Bag Pallet     $300.00   
 1000 lb Totes  $120.00  Pallets are available for $10.00
 Unpackaged Bulk Quantities  $165 a ton  available only for 5 tons or more

Terms: cash or personal check, F.O.B.
We are convinced that you will find it to be clean and of premium quality.


Craft Pits (Available through a third party only -- see below)

Selling in priority mail boxes approx. 6 lbs. $35.00 ea. includes shipping.
We only ship within the USA.
We ship twice a week.
Send Check, Money Order, paid to:

  Christy Veliquette           
  1784 Pine Drive       
  Traverse City, MI 49686      
or PayPal:
6 lbs of Craft Pits

Cherry pits are a source of renewable energy and an ideal alternative for pellet stoves as well as for crafts.


Joseph Send
6556 Quarterline Rd
Kewadin, MI 49648